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Arborlok Longboard

The Arborlok collection is the longest and widest in our range. All the patterns and designs made from the European Decoration experts. Using advanced scratch guard technology, the flooring handles the rigors of daily life with ease. The combination of smart and beautiful, they create an atmosphere of class and quality. The wide variety of styles within the collection ensures there is a style for every interior design project whether matching walls, furniture or the atmosphere.

Arborlok combines style and durability to create a dream floor for a real price. Using the finest European materials, provides a quality of installation and finished that is unparalleled. With a tough melamine finish it is more hygienic than other finishes as the surface does not hold dirt or bacteria. It provides a low maintenance surface, whilst using materials certified low emission and environmentally friendly. With the wide range of decors there is a design to suit every style or taste.

Champagne LX09
Nevada Teak K723
American Walnut LX18
Spotted Gum K622
Chocolate LX03
Vatu Redwood K311
Montana Pine K619
Viking Beech K409