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Home Glass Scratch Removal

Home Glass Scratch Removal

Water stains on glass are often some of the most persistent to get rid of. Whether they’re comprised of soap…

Commercial Glass Scratch Removal

Commercial Glass Scratch Removal

Do you work in a commercial building that has a lot of windows or features glass partitions to separate areas?


Car Glass Scratch Removal

Have a vehicle with scratched or marked windows? Melbourne Glass Scratch Removal can provide assistance, removing scratches

Shop Front Glass Scratch Removal

Shop Front Glass Scratch Removal

Sadly an all too common occurrence, we see graffiti tags and scratches left into shopfront windows all the time.




Professional Glass Scratch Removal

Get the best glass scratch removal in Melbourne only here at Melbourne Glass Scratch Removal. Our glass scratch removal and repair has revolutionized the industry with new technology that is designed to meet your needs. You can be sure that severe glass scratches and damaged glass due to mineral deposits can be removed with our break through technology. Glass manufacturers, construction developers, property maintenance establishments and independent technicians can remove unwanted glass scratches and glass damage effectively and efficiently. The acid graffiti is no match for our technology especially when we add a protective graffiti film.

Glass Restoration Systems

At Melbourne Glass Scratch Removal, we have all the equipment and supplies that are necessary to start immediately. The glass technology shows you the difference once the scratches are removed from the glass. This glass technology’s glass scratch removal equipment options provide all that is needed for a new or established business to create this new service business opportunity to repair scratched glass. You should know that this technology offers a wide open market with hardly any competition. These products have been engineered through intensive research and development to produce higher quality repairs than any other repair alternative. This is not only our opinion but the opinion of our customers and their customers as well.

Applications for glass scratch removal include: architectural glass, auto glass, glass furniture, new construction, graffiti removal, buses and tempered glass. You should know that this system has become a must-have for glass businesses as well as building maintenance personnel. This is the best and fastest way to remove glass scratches and to allow you to continue business as usual. To know more, get in touch with us by calling 0433 135 868 or emailing us at melbourne.glass_scratchremoval@yahoo.com.au.

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